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17 September
Posted in Europe, Russia, Ukraine

Real-politik in Ukraine?

After months of fighting, accusations and more than 3,000 casualties, it seems that real-politik is going to take place. Putin is good at it and the Ukranians not too bad either. That is why we were looking with a little dismay at the US and the EU trying to mix […]

12 September
Posted in Iraq, Syria, US, World

The drums of war?

On Wednesday, President Obama finally sought to explain not only to the Americans but to the world at large his strategy to oppose the increasing power of ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. After the horrific acts of these terrorists there was not more time to dither and […]

26 July
Posted in Gaza, Israel, World

Why we cannot stop the massacre in Gaza?

Today, on the 19th day after the hostilities between the Israelis and the Palestinians, a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire begun to allow civilians in Gaza to seek aid and evacuate to safer areas of the region. At least 85 bodies have been pulled from the rubble during the relative calm in […]

13 June
Posted in Afghanistan, Iraq, US

Iraq is breaking up!

Over eleven years ago an invasion force led by the United States began in Iraq one of the costlies war in human casualties not only among the invading forces but also among the Iraqis. Sadam Hussein was captured, tried and executed but that did not end the deep divisions among […]

29 May
Posted in Afghanistan, US

How to end a war

On Tuesday President Obama announced plans that will bring an end to America’s longest war by explaining how US troops will begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. Trying to turn the page on the occupation which started within a month of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Obama said 9,800 American troops […]

27 May
Posted in Europe, France, Germany, Italy

A strong warning for Europe

This past Sunday was a day of sadness and disarray in Europe for those of us who feel European never mind which country we were born. For years we have fought and defended the idea of an united Europe and suddenly it felt as if our ideals have been lost, […]

15 May
Posted in Africa, Nigeria

Over 250 Nigerian girls need to be freed

Just over one month and more than 250 girls abducted in Nigeria are still in the hands of their captors the Boko Haram terrorist group. One can imagine what those girls are being subjected to and wonder how in the 21 century we can begin wars and provide surveillance in […]

23 April
Posted in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, US

Ukraine between the Americans and the Russians

This Ukraine situation risks to get out of hand if it has not already done so. The problem is that now Russia and the United States seem to have taken the country as a “playground” to show who is the strongest and that could create a lot of damage.

6 April
Posted in Afghanistan

Afghan elections

In Afghanistan today is vote counting day after Saturday’s poll to elect a new president. It will appear that more than seven million Afghans voted in spite of the Taliban militant threats. The outcome of this election will not be known at least for one week and it could be […]

2 April
Posted in Europe, France, Spain

In France, after the local elections, a Catalan born Prime Minister and an Andalusian mayor of Paris

This past Sunday took place in France the second round in the local elections for the municipalities. The results while in part expected were nevertheless a calamity for President François Hollande. His Socialist Party found itself ejected from power in at least 140 cities and towns.